intensive-supportThe Collaborative Interventions Team is supported by a Forensic Psychologist, two interventions workers and a relaxation therapist. There is also a close working relationship with the local Speech and Language Services.

All young people within the residential service are supported by this team,  either through direct work, or by the various support mechanisms throughout the school which include:

  • Case Teams who complete comprehensive 12 week assessments, considering the role that trauma and attachment have had on a young person’s development.The team can also provide additional assessment including ASSET, AIM2, Psychometric and Psychological Assessments.
  • Case Teams also develop Wellbeing Plans which have cleary stated Desired Outcomes and Planned Interventions. These plans are reviewed every 6 weeks to ensure they remain effective and appropriate. Wellbeing Plans look at each of the SHANARRI areas, prioritising which of them require focus over the following six weeks. Case Teams develop appropriate outcome focused interventions which can be delivered by Care Staff.
  • Collaborative work between the departments of Care and Education to ensure that all areas of the service have a clear understanding of the young person’s needs and current circumstances.