There are a number of key transitions in any young person’s placement which we manage carefully to ensure their success:

  • The referral and admission process.
  • The value of contributions from parents/carers.
  • The need for an agreed focus within prescribed timescale.
  • Preparation for discharge and leaving school.

To some extent, therefore, the process of moving on virtually begins at the point of admission.

Transitions within the placement, such as a move through different stages in class, or a change of House Unit, or keyworker, are also of real significance.

Excellent communication and collaboration is required at these times. Our staff are trained to ensure that a young person’s placement flows smoothly by way of achieving their full potential.

The transition of a young person back into their local community, particularly around the age of 16yrs, triggers certain processes well in advance of their leaving date.

This helps ensure they are well prepared and know what the immediate future holds, whether this be training, further education or employment.

Staff work very closely with Skills Development Scotland, to constructing robust procedures to assist with the practicalities of this important transition.