Young people, their families and fellow professionals, often make positive comments about the work that we do.

Listed below are some of these which hopefully provide an insight into life at St Philip’s.

Everyone will have their own experience, but for the most part, we derive great satisfaction from the unsolicited feedback that comes our way.

Please use the links below to give us your feedback:

Parent and Carers Evaluation

Young Person Evaluation

Social Work Evaluation

I've always had a good relationship with my staff and sometimes I did not want to admit it. They've helped me when I have been down and have helped me get jobs and college placements. I liked my key workers, James and Jackie, for helping all the time. - Young Person
I have enjoyed my time at St Philip's and I will miss my Unit and Staff. It has helped me turn my life around. I feel that I deal with things better and know I am always welcome back to the Unit when I need to speak to someone. They have my number and we will keep in touch. - Young Person
I want you to know that I believe your level of concern, patience and nurturing towards this boy has been exemplary. - Educational Psychologist
Staff have worked not only with my son but have gone the extra mile to help us as well. I don't know where I would have been without the support of the staff at St Philips. - Parent
The progress with my young person has been substantial. He was aggressive, challenging and uncooperative with all agencies. The input, support, structure and boundaries offered by the staff team have enabled this young person to develop positive coping strategies and work with all support agencies to ensure all of his needs are being met. - Social Worker
The key worker has developed a very positive working relationship with my young person and advocates on his behalf. He has also been able to appropriately challenge him and yet maintain a good working relationship. - Social Worker